Essentials top Xgility in ’04 title match.

FOXBORO – The Hockey Essentials tour through New England Pro-Am Hockey’s 2017 tournament circuit continued on Sunday afternoon at the Foxboro Sports Center. They doubled their trophy total for the year with another pair, the first of which on the day came in the form of the 2017 Mini Chowder Cup’s 2004 division title, courtesy of a 4-1 victory over Team Xgility.

The two sides took different routes to the final match. Hockey Essentials seemed to cruise through their semifinal match, a 6-3 victory over Rapid Hockey Development. It was a much tighter one for Xgility, who played scoreless through the 30 minutes of regulation time in their semifinal game versus the Eastern Ontario Penguins, and then another 10 scoreless minutes of overtime before posting a 1-0 victory in a shootout.

A bit more battle tested from earlier, Xgility pressed all game long in that final match. Press as they did, they just could not get their shots to fall. Essentials, on the other hand, seemed to gain strength with every entry made in their favor on the score sheet.

Chase Becnel earned the first of those entries with his goal at 8:33, giving Essentials a 1-0 advantage. Then, in succession, Connor Welsh (10:55), Beanie Richter (18:30) and Rhett Kodsi (21:15) followed suit as their side amassed a 4-0 lead to distance themselves from Xgility.

There was still plenty of time left to mount a comeback when Noah Eyre broke up Ryan Henry’s shutout at 25:55 and got Xgility on the board. They day, however, had already belonged to Hockey Essentials. They kept their 4-1 lead as it was and were crowned the 2017 Mini Chowder Cup’s 2004 Division Champions.

2017 ’04 Division All-Tournament Team


Connor Welsh (Hockey Essentials), Dylan Thorn and Noah Eyre (Team Xgility)


Tinos Raftis (Hockey Essentials) and Ben Robertson (Team Xgility)


Gavin Moffat (Hockey Essentials)

Most Valuable Player

Lukas Klemm (Hockey Essentials)