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NEW CHANGES ’98 Division

NEW CHANGES - Mini Chowder Cup '98 Division

 NEW CHANGES – Mini-Chowder Cup ’98 Division

Pro-Am Director, Mike O’Connell Sr., has announced that the ’98 Division of the Mini-Chowder Cup will now have “Elite” Brackets such as the format presently used in the Junior Chowder Cup (’96 Division).

The idea will be to “Invite” at least 8 teams, and possibly 12 teams, to be put into 2 or 3 four team brackets during the first three rounds of the tournament. All three games will be against top opponents with the difference in these brackets being that both the Winner of the Bracket, as well as the 2nd Place finisher advancing to the Playoff Rounds on Sunday.

The remaining brackets of four teams each will just see the winner of each bracket advancing to the playoff rounds after they play their opening three games according to our advancement formula. The gist behind this new format is to give each team in the tournament a fair chance to compete for a playoff spot against equal teams before facing any winners or second place finishers from the Elite Brackets.

Invitations for these Elite Brackets will be sent out after the majority of the teams have checked in for the 2012 Tournament.