2024 Mini Chowder Cup Rules 

The Mini Chowder Cup will once again have two Divisions. One will be for players born in 2010 (Fourteen Year Old’s) and one will be for players born in 2011 (Thirteen Year Old’s). You may use a couple of players born in 2011 on your 2010 team but no 2010’s are allowed to play on a 2011 Team. There will be separate playoffs for each Division with a Champion being crowned in each one.All teams will play four games within their bracket consisting of two 20 minute stop-time periods.  

All games will be played by NCAA Rules with a few exceptions for all of our Tournaments: 

Automatic Icing – No Hybrid
All Teams are allowed one (1) time out. No timeouts in Overtime. 

Teams are allowed to change on icings.
Coincidental Minors- Teams play 5-5.
* New Slaughter Rule* – If a team is ahead by 6 or more goals at the 10 minute mark of the 2nd Period, there will be running time unless the difference gets back to a team being behind by 5 goals. Goes back to running time if it goes up to 6 goals ahead again.

If there is a delayed penalty or penalty shot and the opposing team scores that player does not have to serve the penalty. 

Individual Major Penalty-If a player has been removed from the game for a four minute (4) Major Penalty, no player has to serve in the box. The team plays short a man, and when the five minutes are up, they go full strength. They just won’t have their man coming from the penalty box. 

All Minor Penalties are 1.5 minutes and all have to be served.
All Major Penalties are 4 minutes.

For any player(s) involved in a fight and removed from the rest of the game a decision will be made by the Tournament Director, the Head of Officials, and discussion with both coaches, to determine if that player will be allowed to play in his next game.
**The clock will continue to run during a fighting altercation and only allowed to be stopped within the last five minutes of a game due to referee’s discretion.
**All teams are required to have two goaltenders dressed for all games. If a team only has one goaltender dressed, the team is not penalized. However, if that goaltender is unable to continue play due to injury or otherwise, the team is NOT allowed to borrow a goaltender from the other team, from in the stands, or dress another player not in goaltenders equipment. The game would become an IMMEDIATE FORFEIT and the score will remain as it stands.
At the start of a game, if one team does not have a goaltender, the game is a FORFEIT even if the other team loans them their spare goaltender so they can have a game. And you cannot put 6 skaters on the ice. Without a goaltender, the game is over. **All players must wear a face mask.
Any player without a face mask will be removed from the game. 

 **If you want to protest a player on another team you feel does not belong on that team, you must let the timer or On-Site Director know BEFORE the game begins to make a determination. Otherwise you cannot protest that player once the game begins.
**If a Coach Protests an Illegal Player, but still wants to play the game, it has to be clear to each Coach that the game is a forfeit before it starts for using an illegal player or players.
Once a player plays his first game with a team, that is his team for the Tournament. He cannot play for anyone else. A player must play in at least one of the first three rounds for his team or he cannot play in any playoff rounds on Sunday. NO exceptions.
**If a coach has two teams, and brings a player up from a lower Division, that player can be challenged as well. He also can only play on one team. 

How to Advance to Sunday’s Playoff Rounds:
Only the Winners of each Bracket advance. Except in the Elite Brackets where both the first and second place teams advance
The winners of each bracket are determined in the following manner:
1.  Best Record/Team with the most points.
2. Least Goals Against. For example, if two teams are tied at 2-1, the team that has the LEAST GOALS AGAINST advances. Even if you beat the team that is tied at 2-1 with you. Least Goals Against Counts First.
3. Plus/Minus Ratio- Goals For vs. Goals Against
4. Head on Competition
5. Flip a Coin  

 All Playoff games will consist of one (1) twenty-five minute stop-time period. If games are tied at the end of playoff rounds, a 5 minute sudden death period will take place. Teams will play in a 3 on 3 format. If nothing is resolved after 5 minutes, a 3 man shootout will take place. The shootout format will consist of the first three (3) players designated by each coach who will shoot until one team has a goal advantage. If it is still tied, then we will go to sudden death. If the first team scores, the second team will always get their last shot to try to tie the game. If the first team misses, and the second team scores, the game is over. You must use different shooters after the first three shooters until there is nobody left on the bench. There is NO Sudden Death during the first three regular rounds of play.